About Us

We are two young individual who started out with corporate careers. Although we found some individual successes in our individual corporate careers, deep down we know that there has to be more to life. How did we stumbled to know one another would be another story for another day.

Baking has been a weekend activity to indulge in for me personally. However experiencing the difficulties of going through the web for reliable and relatable information, we took it upon ourselves to provide a simplified and convenient method. In 2016, we came up with an idea to bring convenience and simplicity to consumers and hence the birth of Box N Grams.

Here at box and grams, we provide a simplified method for consumers to bake at home without the fuss of buying ingredients and having left over ingredients which they would not know what to do with.

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Allow us to add value to you with our brand of convenience and simplicity.

These are the values we uphold closely to our hearts :

Authenticity - To be genuine

Simplicity - The freedom from intricacy 

Devotion - Passionate in the things we love

Meticulous - The nitty gritty

Unity - Striving towards a goal as a whole

Come Bake with Us


Customized premixes which includes the wet ingredients to your favourite bakes.


Do not know which base or frosting to choose from ? Check out the customization page to mix and match the cake and cupcake base with frosting of your choice!

Online Bakery

No time to bake and prefer the baked goodies? Check out our online bakery for the freshly baked yummy treats to satisfy your tummy!

So how does it work?

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Latest Promotion: Father's Day Promotion!


Japanese Cheese for premixes are going for $12.00!!

With all the ingredients provided, including all the wet ingredients, A step by step guide along the way!

Hurry now and bake your father something sweet on this special day!

*Ready made Japanese Cheesecakes are available in 6 inch round cake only. Going for $15.00!!

Order now at Sales@boxngrams.com to avoid disappointment.