What’s the difference between Bakes and Online Bakery ?

Under Bakes are all premixes, which includes the dry and wet ingredients. Therefore all you need to do is bake those goodies.

Under Online Bakery are goodies that already baked for you. Great if you have no time to bake or for parties and birthdays.

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How do I pay ?

Payment can be done by Bank Transfer to UOB Acc 421-381-525-8 or via VISA (Coming Soon). Order would only be process after payment is made. Once Payment is made, Drop us a photo of the receipt via Whatsapp or Text at 9729 1245. Or email us at admin@boxngrams.com

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I would like to bake 50 cupcakes which are not in your list. Can I get a special order?

You can drop us an email to make a request and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

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How long in advance do i have to make an enquiry or order ?

3 days in advance for standard premixes. 1-2 weeks in advance for customized online bakery orders.

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Is there a minimum purchase for a delivery?

Nope there is no minimum purchase for delivery. Delivery surcharge is by :

– Meet Ups : Weekday [8pm-10pm] & Saturday [2pm-4pm] Orchard MRT = No surcharge

– Meet Ups : Weekday [8pm-10pm] MRT Stations = $1.50

– Door to door : Weekday [8pm-10pm] = $5.00

– Door to door : Weekend [ 10am-1pm] = $3.50

Online Bakery Delivery Surcharge : Once emailed us with your order, we would include it into the total bill.


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Do you provide wet products too?

Yes, we do provide wet products. Box N Grams will provide with all the ingredients listed in our recipe.

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How do you ensure that your products are kept fresh?

We package our product securely in separate bags and we tightly seal these bags. We also have specific instructions as to how to maintain the freshness as much as possible once you receive our products.

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How long are your products good for?

As we source our products from different suppliers and we also include wet products and each product has a different expiration date, therefore we encourage that you consume all products as soon as possible.

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Are your products halal?

No, our products are not certified Halal

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Do you provide the instructions for the products that you sell?

Yes, we will provide a step by step instructions guide in the box that you will receive.

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What if I don’t get the results that I want, can I get a refund?

We do not provide refunds for this instance. However, we will include a step by step instructions guide in the box to guide you along while baking.

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